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Product photos are examples only, every partial is crafted to your unique impression

Full Dentures

Is Revived Smiles right for you?

  • Are you currently missing teeth? Yes
  • Do you have at least 8 teeth remaining on the arch? Yes 
  • Do you have any tooth pain or untreated cavities? No
  • Do you have loose teeth or loose caps? No
  • Do you have jaw pain, facial pain, or clicking in your jaw? No
  • Do you have any pain or infection in your gum tissue? No
  • Do you have diagnosed or untreated gum disease? No
  • Have you seen a dentist in the last year? Yes

If you answered all questions correctly then congratulations! You would make an excellent candidate to receive a revived smile!

If you did not answer one or more questions correctly then we recommend you schedule an appointment with The Teledentists before moving forward. Your physical health is our top priority and The Teledentists will help ensure that your oral health is in good shape to revive your smile!

Not sure which product is right for you?

Contact us! Our Customer Service team is here to help you revive your smile.