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Revived Smiles

Revived Smiles Denture Insurance

Revived Smiles Denture Insurance

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Revived Smiles Partial Denture Insurance is specifically designed to offer comprehensive coverage for a wide range of our Partial Dentures. Our goal is to ensure that you maintain optimal oral health without the stress of high costs.

Insurance Policy


This insurance policy provides coverage for select products purchased from Revived Smiles, under the following conditions:

Damage Coverage:

Improper Use & Negligence: Damage resulting from improper use or negligence.
Loss or Theft: Coverage for lost or stolen items.
Accidental Breakage: Protection against accidental breakage.
Natural Disasters & External Factors: Coverage for damage resulting from natural disasters, fire, water, power surges, or other uncontrollable external factors.
Cosmetic Damage: Coverage for cosmetic damage that affects the functionality of the product.


Normal Wear and Tear: Excludes coverage for normal wear and tear.

Service and Claim Processing:

Discretion of Service: The determination of the appropriate service option will be at the discretion of Revived Smiles, based on the specific circumstances of each insurance claim.

Inspection Requirement: Customers are required to ship the product back to Revived Smiles for inspection.

Eligible Products:

This insurance plan covers the following specific products:

Acrylic Partial Flipper Denture
Flexible Partial Denture
Unilateral Partial Denture
Flexite Clear Partial Denture
Flexite Clear Unilateral Partial Denture
Essix Partial Denture Retainer

Replacement Policy:

Revived Smiles will replace the insured item once per insurance period, subject to the conditions and exclusions outlined above.

Multiple Product Orders:

Single Product Coverage: When ordering two or more products, the purchase of Revived Smiles insurance covers only one of the ordered products.

Obligation Satisfaction: If the insurance is utilized for any one product, the insurance obligation for that order is considered fulfilled.

Return and Refund Policy:

Refund Approval: In the event of your appliance being refunded, Revived Smiles Insurance will also be refunded.

Non-refundable and Non-transferable: Under no other circumstance (than the one mentioned above) is the insurance refundable or transferable.


Customers are encouraged to review the policy details carefully and understand the coverage limitations and requirements.

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